The Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities (December 2014) outlined a range of changes to small parish councils in relation to published information and the audit procedure. Although Hertford Heath Parish Council do not have to adhere to these changes, due to our level of turnover, it will be making changes in line with the Code accordingly.

As a result, Hertford Heath Parish Council will:

  • Publish all draft minutes from all formal meetings, not later than one month after each meeting – on this website
  • Publish meeting agendas not later than three clear days (not including weekends, bank holidays, the day of publishing and the day of the meeting)before the meeting takes place – on noticeboards and this website
  • Publish all items of expenditure (date incurred, summary of purpose, amount and VAT) – these will be embedded in the minutes from each meeting, on this website. Hertford Heath Parish Council will publish ALL expenditure and income, not just items of expenditure over £100 as detailed in the Code.
  • At the end of June each year, an annual set of data will be published including:
  • Accounting Statement for the previous financial year
  • Annual Governance Statement
  • List of Councillor responsibilities
  • Asset Register

Code of Conduct

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Chairman’s Address to the 2015 Annual Parish Meeting

Chairman’s Address to the 2017 Annual Parish Meeting

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