War Memorial

The War Memorial

The War Memorial was expertly cleaned at the end of August 2004 by J Day & Sons of Bishop’s Stortford.

The following names are inscribed on it:

1914 –1918

Arthur Akers
Charles Akers
Henry Akers
James Akers
William G Brown
William E Bulley
Joshua R Camp
William Camp
Cecil Chandler
Frank Chapman
Frank Childs
Charles H Coles
Frederick J Coles
George Coles
Sydney J Cox
lbert Croft
Arthur A Fletcher
Thomas S. Fletcher
William Gee
Charles J. Gray
Horace Gray
John W Huson
William H Huson
George W Ives
Harry E Judd
John Judd
Thomas Locking
Walter Middleton
Abel Pomfret
Charles Pratt
Harold E F Turner
Frederick G Ward
Henry West
William H West

1939 – 1945

Noah Ansell
William G Craxford
Alfred G Dickenson
Robert L Frank
Ernest Griffin
John F Hawkins
Jim B Hornett
John P Hyatt
John F Law
Sydney J Rider

The names of those who fell in World War II are also listed on a plaque in the Village Hall.