Walks around Hertford Heath


Clive Gillingham has produced a set of walks around the village, a number of which are suitable for pushchairs, etc. If you click on a link, you will be taken to a PDF file which you can download and take on your walk! It is hoped that a booklet of these walks will be produced soon.

Walk 1 – 3.75 miles starting at the War Memorial

Walk 2 – 3+ miles starting at the Goat PH

Walk 3 – 3 miles starting at the College Arms PH

Walk 4 – 4+ miles starting at the Church

Walk 5 – 4.75 miles starting at the College Arms PH

Walk 6 – 3.25 miles starting at the Church

Pushchair walk 1 – 1.5 miles starting at the Church

Pushchair walk 2 – 2.5 miles starting at the Village Hall

Pushchair walk 3 – 2.25 miles starting at the end of Mount Pleasant

Pushchair walk 4 – 2.75 miles starting at the Village Hall or the College Arms PH

Please try these walks and send the Clerk any feedback you may have.


A website for walkers in Hertfordshire: www.walkinginherts.co.uk gives you all the information you need for the best walking in the County.

Guided walks: Eighty walks detailed every month. The website tells you how long the walk is, which group is running it, when and where it starts and a contact number in case of questions.

Books of walks: There are more than twenty books of walks for the County. All the details are here.

Leaflets of walks: More than eighty leaflets are produced around the County, many of them difficult to find. Not any more! www.walkinginherts.co.uk list them all.

Walking groups: Every walking group in the County is listed (more than 35 of them!).

There are also links so that you can check: the weather for your walk, links to other useful sites, how to get to your walk by public transport – and more is being added all the time.

So check out the website and get walking!